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Discover, design and begin your tour!!

Discover a new world of experiences with a customized tour from Sahara Feeling. Since the time of Hannibal, Morocco has been the Europe-Africa corridor.

From the busy streets of Marrakech to the peaks of the Atlas Mountains and onward to the solitary dunes of the Sahara. That is what sets Sahara-Feeling apart from other tour groups, our packages are 100% Custom for every group. No matter what you want to experience we take pride in making it a reality.

Our guides are true nomads at heart and have traveled through Morocco their whole life.  Because of this, we know exactly where to go to find you exactly what you’re looking for.

In 2012 reporters contracted us after a natural disaster to take them where others couldn’t, photographers regularly contact us to find the impossible shots of rare wildlife and high-end shops from the west contract us to find the finest goods in Morocco.  In 2016 we were contacted by a young woman to surprise her mother with a birthday cake with icing and candles, in the middle of the Sahara. If it’s in Morocco and you want to experience, we can make it happen, guaranteed.

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