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Our Camp in The Desert

Experience a dream like no other at our Camp

Sahara Feeling is truly unique in that we operate our own camp in Erg Chigaga. In 2012 Ali requested government permission to open a camp and with the approval of 60 local elders, his request was granted. Much has changed since the early days of four cloth tents.  Today we are able to offer the best accommodations in the Sahara. We have a wide range of private tents from a single bed to family tents with space for the whole family. Every tent has electricity from the solar panels and comes with clean linen and towels.  The Sahara Feelings camp is also unique in offering a fully equipped washroom, sinks, and hot showers. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are provided by Khalid our cook, who always provides a plentiful authentic meal. Everything possible has been done to make your trip comfortable and authentic.  

Once settled in the camp the activities can begin.  All-time favourites include a simple trek or camel ride through the dunes.  Glide effortlessly through the sand dunes on Camelback. Watch as the sun hypnotically bounces through the landscape. Ibrahim, one of our most trusted guides will accompany you through the desert. Take it all in while you enjoy a traditional nomadic treat of freshly cooked bread in the hot sand – Nomad Style.

Once you’re finished with appetizers, dinner, dessert, and tea the evening festivities begin can begin. Watch the stars fill the night sky while listening to traditional nomadic music beside the campfire.

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